Module 03: 1917 — Did the War Cause a Revolution?


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Timeline 1914-1917 1917-1918


1. Timeline
Major events of the period of war and revolution




2. Map: Russian Empire
Russian boundaries on the eve of war, 1914

3. Poster: Russian Society
Caricature of class exploitation, 1900

4. Photo: Tsar and Family
Nicholas II, Alexandra, and their children

5. Photo: Peasant Family
The everyday life of Russian peasants

6. Song: "Dubinushka, 'The Cudgel'"
Manual laborer's work song

7. German Declaration of War on Russia
August 1, 1914

8. Poster: Russia as St. George
The heroic struggle against Germany

9. Photo: Russian Officers
Army officers taking tea

10. Photo: Russian Soldiers' Mealtime
Common soldiers at war

11. Photo: Waiting for Dead Men's Rifles
Shortage of military supplies for soldiers

12. Photo: Blessing of Russian Wounded
The costs of war

13. Photo: Retreat From Warsaw
Civilian victims of war

14. Photo: Refugees From Brest-Litovsk
Families dislocated by front lines

15. Poster: Portrait of Nicholas II
The tsar as military commander

16. Map: Eastern Front 1914-1916
Front lines of war

17. Photo: Rasputin and Coterie
Rasputin with admirers

18. Miliukov's Speech to the Duma
November 14, 1916



19. Photo: Bread Line
The impact of war on the Russian home front

20. Photo: Down With the Monarchy
Soldiers opposed to the tsar

21. Photo: In Front of the Duma
Street politics

22. Soviet Order No. 1
March 1/14, 1917

23. Abdication of Nicholas II
The end of autocracy

24. Formation and Program of the Provisional Government
March 2/15, 1917

25. Petrograd Soviet's Call to Peoples of the World
March 14/27, 1917

26. Photo: The Abdication
Informing soldiers of the tsar's abdication

27. Telegram From the American Consulate in Moscow
March 20, 1917

28. Photo: Removal of Royal Emblems
The shift in symbolism after the tsar's fall

29. Song: "Workers' Marseillaise"
Russian variant of the French revolutionary anthem

30. Miliukov's Note on War Aims
April 18/May 1, 1917

31. Lenin's "April Theses"
Lenin's radical challenge to the Provisional Government

32. Oath of a Revolutionary Volunteer and a Female Volunteer's Letter to the Minister of War

33. Photo: Womens' Battalion of Death
Women training for military service

34. Photo: "July Days"
Street fighting in Petrograd

35. Song: "The Warsaw Song"
Anthem of the revolutionary labor movement

36. Song: "Boldly, Comrades in Step"
Bolshevik fighting song

37. Lenin's Letter to Central Committee Members
Demand for an immediate seizure of power

38. Photo: Red Guards Marching to Smolny
Supporters of Soviet Power

39. Lenin's Call for Peace/Decree on Land
Statement to the Second All-Russia Congress of Soviets

40. Photo: Red Funeral
Funeral procession for revolutionary martyrs

41. Song: "You Fell Victim"
Bolshevik funeral hymn

42. Song: "Internationale"
First anthem of the Soviet state

43. Poster: "Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!"
Raising support for the Revolution

44. Poster: "Cossack: With whom are you? Us or Them?"
Demanding soldier's allegiance to Soviet Power

45. Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
March 3, 1918

46. Map: Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Russia's territorial losses as a result of the treaty

47. Poster: Lev Trotsky Slaying the Counter-Revolutionary Dragon
New symbols of the Revolution