Module 03: 1917 — Did the War Cause a Revolution?


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Module Evaluation

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Module Evaluation: EU 03: 1917 — Did the War Cause a Revolution?

Suggested Writing Assignments and Classroom Discussion

  1. Discuss the varying perspectives on World War I presented in the Petrograd Soviet's Call to the Peoples of the World, Lenin's "April Theses," and Miliukov's Note on War Aims. How do the positions advanced in the documents reflect the ideological orientation of their authors? What kind of people would respond to the positions of these documents and why?

  2. Consider the lyrics and melodies of the "Workers' Marseillaise," "The Warsaw Song," and the "Internationale." What common themes present themselves in the lyrics of the revolutionary songs you listened to in the Evidence section? How might these songs have served as rallying cries during 1917? What is the basis of their appeal?

  3. Why did the Bolsheviks come to power in October 1917? Consider the significance of the following in your answer:

    • The nature of the autocratic system.

    • The impact of World War I on Russian society and the economy.

    • The "dual power" system.

    • Bolshevik tactics and ideology.

    • The political aspirations of workers, peasants, and soldiers.