Module 08: Jackie Robinson, Civil Rights Leader?


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1. Letter to President Eisenhower
Jackie Robinson on civil rights, 1958

2. Draft Letter From Vice-President Nixon
Letter to Jackie Robinson, 1960

3. Letter to President Kennedy
Letter concerning public policy, 1961

4. Telegram to President Johnson
Words of encouragement, 1967

5. Letter to the White House
Letter of warning to Roland Elliott, 1972

6. Letter to Branch Rickey
Statement on the contract controversy, 1946

7. Spingarn Citation
Jackie Robinson receives the Spingarn Medal, 1956

8. "Meet the Press" Interview
Transcript of the television interview, 1957

9. Branch Rickey Speech
Statement on the integration of the MLB, 1956

10. Letter to Ralph Norton
Description of Major League debut, 1947

11. Our Sports Magazine
Edited by Jackie Robinson

12. Jackie Robinson's First Game
Report on Robinson's Major League debut, 1947

13. Letter to Attorney General Kennedy
Words of praise for Robert Kennedy, 1961

14. Photo: Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Robinson
Manhattan School for Boys, 1959

15. Photo: Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Robinson
Eleanor Roosevelt speaks at the Manhattan School for Boys, 1959

16. Photo: Jackie Robinson at the Civil Rights March
The March on Washington, D.C., 1963