Module 02: Unthinking Decision? Why Did Slavery Emerge in Virginia?

Evidence 14: A List of Those That Have Been Executed for Ye Late Rebellion in Virginia

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Once Bacon's Rebellion was put down, Governor William Berkeley began to punish those he considered its ringleaders. The list below, compiled by Governor Berkeley, names the men he executed for treason. Notice the backgrounds of the men Berkeley considered so dangerous they had to die.

Questions to Consider

  • Does the information below fit the pattern described in the previous account of the surrender at West Point?

  • What message might this send potential masters about their indentured servants?


1.---One Johnson, a stirer up of the people to sedition but no fighter.

2.---One Barlow, one of Cromwell's soldiers, very active in this rebellion, and taken with forty men coming to surprise me at Accomack.

3.---One Carver, a valiant man, and stout seaman, taken miraculously, who came with Bland, with equall com'n and 200 men to take me and some other gentlemen that assisted me, with the help of 200 soldiers; miraculously delivered into my hand.

4.---One Wilford, an interpreter, that frighted the Queen of Pamunkey from ye lands she had granted her by the Assembly, a month after peace was concluded with her.

5.---One Hartford, a valiant stout man, and a most resolved rebel.

All these at Accomack.


1.---One Young, commissionated by Genl. Monck long before he declared for ye King.

2.---One Page, a carpenter, formerly my servant, but for his violence used against the Royal Party, made a Colonel.

3.---One Harris, that shot to death a valiant loyalist prisoner.

4.---One Hall, a Clerk of a County but more useful to the rebels than 40 army men--that dyed very penitent confessing his rebellion against his King and his ingratitude to me.


One Drummond, a Scotchman that we all suppose was the originall cause of the whole rebellion, with a common Frenchman, that had been very bloody.


1.---One Coll'l Crewe, Bacon's parasyte, that continually went about ye country, extolling all Bacon's actions, and (justifying) his rebellion.

2.---One Cookson, taken in rebellion.

3.---One Darby, from a servant made a Captain.

Sir William Berkeley, Governor of the Colony. Washington

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