Module 04: The End of Optimism? The Great Depression in Europe

Evidence 19: "German Jobless over 6 Mill. Now," Daily Worker, February 23, 1932

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Official figures show that unemployment on February 15 reached 6,100,000. Numerous collisions between fascists and workers occurred over the weekend in various parts of the country. In Hamburg five were seriously injured and 20 less seriously. Fierce collisions occurred last night in Dortmund between fascists and Communists. One fascist was killed and many were wounded. Six Communists were arrested. Last night the police raided the Communist local in Solinderstrasse, Berlin. They rushed through the rooms with drawn revolvers. One worker received a wound in the stomach and was rushed to the hospital in a serious condition. Eighteen workers were arrested.

"German Jobless over 6 Mill. Now," Daily Worker (23 Feb 1932), 2.

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